implements a project subsidized by European Fundspt:

“Entering the company PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO WIELOBRANŻOWE “ANT-MAR” – ANTONI SZEWCZYK with a product in the form of wooden pallets on the German and Czech markets”.

Project Description:

Multibranch enterprise “ANT-MAR” Antoni Szewczyk, after a thorough analysis of selected markets, decided to expand into foreign new markets, i.e. German and Czech markets. The product the company would like to promote in new foreign markets is the sale of wooden pallets, of which the Applicant’s company is the manufacturer.

The following steps have been planned for a conscious and prudent entry into the German and Czech markets:

  1. Purchase of a comprehensive consulting service to help introduce and promote the applicant’s company in the German and Czech markets. The consulting service will include two stages: Stage I -preparing the expansion by analyzing target markets, developing an entry strategy and a new business model,

Phase II – marketing activities related to the introduction and promotion of the applicant’s services in new foreign markets.
2. purchase of a fixed asset in the form of a pallet nailer to increase production capacity.
3. purchase of CRM software to serve foreign customers.

The duration of the project is specified as: 01.05.2022-31.12.2023 r.

Project Objectives:

The aim of the project is to internationalize operations in new foreign markets i.e. Germany and the Czech Republic.

Planned effects:

  1. Gaining new foreign markets in the form ofGermany and the Czech Republic.
  2. Achieve revenue growth, which in turn will allow for further investment.

3.Establish new international contacts, allowing further foreign expansion into new markets.

4.Increase the share of EPAL wood pallet sales in foreign markets.

  1. Increased revenues and new foreign contacts will allow the company to stay ahead of its competitors.

Project value: PLN 365,310.00

European Fund contribution: 252,450.00PLN


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